China Foreign Reserves Fall to Lowest Since May 2012

The People’s Bank of China reported that foreign reserves fell to their lowest mark since May 2012, highlighting the government’s effort to offset capital flight and slow the Yuan’s depreciation

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Stock Market S&P, NAS Best, Most Reliable Answers Come From The Market And You

Almost everyone is searching for answers about what to do in the stock market. The two best sources are the market itself, and the second source will surprise many, but it is you! No one has a greater vested interest in your financial interests than you when it is your money on the line, at risk. The inherent problem with this simple solution is that few ever consider either source as the best solution.
Wall Street, such a big mystery. Not really. The only mystery about Wall Street is the thieves who run it. Like the Wizard of Oz, Wall Street does not want you to look behind the curtain to discover all of the fraud, the greed, and the purely self-motivated financial interests that are opposite to yours.
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Silver – The Element Of Change

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FTSE 100 Remains Bearish Ahead of NFP

The outlook for the FTSE 100 is little changed from yesterday. It’s choppy around the 5880 level and will continue to be so for the next few hours as traders tend to be hesitant to enter with fresh positions ahead of today’s U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls report.
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Why Crude Oil Prices Could Continue FALLING From Here

By Brett Eversole

Oil prices HAVE to go higher… Or do they?
Crude oil is already down 17% this year. It broke into the $20 range last month. And the total fall since July 2014 is 72%.
You (and nearly everyone else) expect much higher oil prices after a crash like we’ve seen. But that’s the problem…
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DAX 30 At Risk Of Breaching Its January Low

The German DAX 30 remains fragile and a soft NFP outcome (less than 190k) may trigger a slide below the January 2016 low of 9253, which, not dissimilar to a medieval trap door, could quickly open for a decline to the August 8 low of 8887.
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Silver COT Paving Way for Sustained Upside Breakout Sharp Rally

Like gold, the bearmarket in silver should be brought to an end by the dollar breaking down, and especially the powers that be resorting to massive global QE in a last desperate effort to beat back the forces of deflation caused by gargantuan debts that are strangling the life out the world economy. Since you cannot beat the problems caused by debt by creating more debt, the end result of this will be the ruin associated with hyperinflation – and you don’t to be a genius to work out what will happen to the prices of both gold and silver when that happens. The timing of the launch of the big global QE program will determine when gold and silver really take off in a big way, but it cannot be far off.
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Silver: Profit Taking Ahead of NFP Seems Likely

With the NFP report on tap, I see it as fairly likely that short-term traders will book profits ahead of the report release as even a small move to the 190k projected outcome (Bloomberg survey), may trigger a decline to $14.50.

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Stocks Bear Market Continues

The market started the week at SPX 1940. On Monday the market rose to SPX 1947 and then traded down to 1872 by early Wednesday. Then the market rallied to SPX 1927 early Thursday, only to selloff again and end the week at SPX 1880. For the week the SPX/DOW lost 2.35%, the NDX/NAZ lost 5.70%, and the DJ World index lost 2.20%. Economic reports for the week were again biased negatively. On the uptick: personal income, construction spending, consumer credit, Q1 GDP, plus the unemployment rate improved. On the downtick: ISM manufacturing/services, the ADP, factory orders, monthly payrolls, the WLEI, plus weekly jobless claims and the trade deficit worsened. Next week will be highlighted by FED chair Yellen’s semiannual monetary policy report to Congress.
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CoinWeek Podcast #17: David Hall Reflects on 30 Years of PCGS – Audio: 18:56 – CoinWeek (blog)

CoinWeek (blog)
CoinWeek Podcast #17: David Hall Reflects on 30 Years of PCGS – Audio: 18:56
CoinWeek (blog)
PCGS founder David Hall takes a break from the Long Beach Expo to sit down with CoinWeek to discuss 30 years of PCGS, how detractors to third party grading had it all wrong, how the coin market has changed over the course of the past three decades, and …

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Estonian Money – Estonia Coins in Circulation

This is a photo showing the coins which are currently used as money in Estonia. This Estonian coinage is part of the monetary system used in Estonia. Page 41. View full post on Coins: What’s Hot Now

The GBP/USD Breaks Lower on NFP Data

NFP figures missed expectations driving the GBP/USD lower.
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Solid gold from tiny scraps: Warwick refinery separates precious from ordinary – The Providence Journal

The Providence Journal
Solid gold from tiny scraps: Warwick refinery separates precious from ordinary
The Providence Journal
The intense heat has burned away the non-precious metals and impurities, leaving tiny beads of pure gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Fedorenko, a lab technician, has been identifying precious metals from the samples sent in by customers for the

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Gold and Silver: Ripe for a Recovery! China May well Change the Game

China lifts reading of cenbank gold holdings by 57 pct
Gold now accounts for 1.65 pct of total forex reserves

According to Central Bank Data, China’s gold reserves stood at 1,658 tonnes at the end of June of last year. This was up 57 percent from the last time reserve were adjusted more than six years ago.
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USD/CAD – The Unwind of “Negative Irrational Exuberance”

USD/CAD trades back to unchanged on the year, Important cyclical turn window ahead.
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