USD/JPY – The Abenomics Test

USD/JPY tests key psychological support, will Japanese authorities intervene?
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Gold New Bull Market on Track

Last week we focused on the gold stocks. There was more initial evidence of a new bull market there than in Gold. However, Thursday Gold erased some doubts as it rocketed above $1200/oz and to as high as $1264/oz before settling a bit lower. That move puts Gold’s recovery on par with those following past major lows and offers greater confirmation that a new bull market is underway.
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The CAC40 Rallies After Yesterday’s 4.1% Decline

The CAC40 has opened higher this morning, with French shares attempting to rebound from yesterday’s 4.1% decline.
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Investors Are Flocking To Gold Like There’s No Tomorrow – Forbes

Investors Are Flocking To Gold Like There's No Tomorrow
This week alone, investors plowed $1.6 billion into precious metals (which includes gold as well as silver, platinum and more), according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In the last five years, there has only been one other week with bigger inflows

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SPX Challenging its Orthodox Broadening Top Formation

SPX at the hourly level is still challenging its Orthodox Broadening Top formation. Earlier I had reported that I was expecting two Primary Pivot days. The first was Wednesday where SPX made the Wave B high at 1881.60. The second was today, where it appears to be making a Wave [ii] high that may be complete at 1864.28.
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WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: Oil Bounces 12% Off A 12 Year Low

WTI took a sharp tumble lower below prior support toward a $25 handle alongside the US Dollar only to bounce 12% on hopes of a producer cut.
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Gold’s Macrocosm: The Planets Align

We introduced the graphical view of the preferred counter-cyclical environment for gold and especially the gold stock sector in July:  Macrocosm.  We have updated the view several times since at, with the macro backdrop getting more and more supportive of the gold sector over the last half a year.
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Crude Oil Turn in the Pipeline?

Crude oil (WTI) has declined 77.3% since the 2011 high (broad commodities top). That figure is interesting because the financial crisis decline measured 77.46%. ‘Equality’ between alternating legs in a market move is NOT uncommon.

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Stock Market Rally Time Off Retest?…….Still Some Positive Divergences…

If we study the market charts we can see quite clearly that we’re seeing bear-market action. That said, you can’t go straight down forever. The Nasdaq fell 18% in just six weeks. By any bear-market measurement this is too much too fast. Price isn’t the problem. It’s the speed of the move along with price. Such a short time frame to have that size of a loss without some type of exhaustion. One would think anyway. There are missing ingredients to a short-term bottom, such I have recently discussed. Nothing with regards to a high put-call ratio for several hours over 1.5. No trin at 3.0 or higher, and clearly no dramatic VIX spike.
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The Secret to Finding out How Much You Can Sell…

Avoid disappointment when selling your coins by properly estimating their true value. Find out how this book will teach you how to properly value your coins before you sell them. View full post on Coins: What’s Hot Now

It’s the Bank of Japan versus the Rest of the World

It’s been quite the week for the Yen, and taking a step back, it’s been quite the two-week stretch for the Japanese currency.

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France CAC40 Stock Market Technical Outlook

The French stock index, the CAC40, has traded more or less as outlined in analysis produced back in May 2015. That analysis called the top in place and outlined expectations of a bear market to play out.
Price hit a low this past week at 3892 which was just over 26% down from the May 2015 high and I believe that may well represent the final low to the bear market.
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Numismatic Books – Kolbe & Fanning in 2016 – CoinWeek (blog)

CoinWeek (blog)
Numismatic Books – Kolbe & Fanning in 2016
CoinWeek (blog)
Conducted in conjunction with the 2016 New York International Numismatic Convention, the sale featured the celebrated RBW Library on Roman Republican coinage and other properties. The 455-lot sale brought above its total estimate and was a success …

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Canadian Dollar Has Found Life Outside The Price Of Oil

The Canadian Dollar continues to claw back some of the 23% drop since the May 2015 low against the US Dollar.

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Seasonal Gold Price Correction on the Way

Goldvybe writes: Not much has changed since our gold correction commentary post on the 10th (here) except that gold had spiked up to $1263 on Thursday after global equities weakness and continued fears about European banks.

The fib retracements have stayed pretty much the same except now moving up a bit. For the most part, our analysis has not changed as we still anticipate a move lower from the seasonal February high into a seasonal low (March-April) of between $1130-$1150.

Of course gold could stay strong and correct only down to its 38.2% retracement level but if history is any guide, we should see a correction of at least 50 to 61.8%. When gold fired off its previous long-term buy signal on January 20th, 2009, gold immediately shot up to $1007 and by April it came all the way back down to $864.

In conjunction, gold came back down to its 37EMA which is ideal for establishing long-term positions if the gold price has already moved much higher. While we will get our anticipated long-term buy signal on this coming Monday’s open, we would certainly not want to establish leveraged positions this far away from the 8/37EMAs.

Prudence suggests to wait until prices back down to the seasonal low timeframe and anticipated price zone and we should start entering long positions in the late-March / early-April timeframe.

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