FTSE 100: Correction to a Bearish Trend

The FTSE 100 is expected to reach the January 20 low of 5600 as long as price trades below last week’s high of 5949.
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Gold, Investment Leadership Changes Permanent?

In the Summer of 2015 a major discontinuity occurred in financial markets. That which was, was no longer. That which had not been, suddenly was. Reasons for that abrupt shift in the character of financial markets are not entirely clear. Was it exhaustion of both bullish and bearish runs? Was the anticipation of an interest rate increased so certain that financial markets began to immediately incorporate such an event? Whatever, Gold related investments now clearly dominate returns and growth fantasies have collapsed. That shift may be more permanent than many acknowledge.
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Gold Jumps as Wide Risk Aversion Pressures Oil, Copper and Stocks

Gold, yen and bonds continued to advance simultaneous to a deep plunge in stocks. Oil, copper held on to modest recovery at subdued levels

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NDX, Banks and EuroStoxx All Tumble

NDX gapped down 76.48 points, putting it well beneath its Head & Shoulders neckline and its prior low.

ZeroHedge comments, “Just over two weeks ago, JPM’s Marko Kolanovic, whose unprecedented ability to predict short-term market moves is starting to seem a little bizarre, warned that the next "significant risk for the S&P500" was the bursting of the "macro momentum bubble." Specifically, he said that there is an emerging negative feedback loop that is "becoming a significant risk for the S&P 500" adding that "as some assets are near the top and others near the bottom of their historical ranges, we are obviously not experiencing an asset bubble of all risky assets, but rather a bubble in relative performance: we call it a Macro-Momentum bubble."
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Gambian Money – The Gambia Coins in Circulation

This is a photo showing the coins which are currently used as money in The Gambia. This Gambian coinage is part of the monetary system used in The Gambia. Page 47. View full post on About.com Coins: What’s Hot Now

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Euro Gains Most in 13 Months

The Euro looks poised to continue higher against the British Pound after prices issued the strongest daily close in 13 months and set a new 2016 high.
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FTSE 100 Following Macro Trends in Peripheral Markets

Stock market bulls have seen some discouraging activity in the equities space over the last few months, and many traders are looking for an indication that declines in the major stock benchmarks have reached an exhaustion point.  Those that have been caught long at the highs are likely showing even more concern, as positions based on the multi-year positive momentum have likely given back most of their gains. 
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WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: $30 Acting Like Strong Price Support

WTI Crude Oil has found support around the $30 level. Should USD weakness persist, we could see Crude bouncing higher soon.
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What you need to know about investing in gold and other precious metals – Yahoo Canada Finance – Insight (blog)

Yahoo Canada Finance – Insight (blog)
What you need to know about investing in gold and other precious metals
Yahoo Canada Finance – Insight (blog)
The price of precious metals, such as gold and silver, can be affected drastically by a number of factors. “When considering the price of gold/silver, it's important to remember that this is really a reflection on the U.S. dollar or Canadian dollar

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Top Silver Mining CEO: Don’t Laugh, We Could See Silver $100+

Exclusive Interview with First Majestic CEO Keith Neumeyer on Metals, Mining, and Manipulation

Mike Gleason, MoneyMetals.com: It is my privilege, now, to be joined by Keith Neumeyer, founder and CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp. One of the top Silver mining companies in the world.
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Webinar: Dollar Prospects Hinge on Yellen- EUR, GBP Setups Favored

The greenback is trading just above key confluence support with the USD crosses in focus to start the week. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter.

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Gold vs Stocks Macro Changes

A picture is worth 4-plus years and thousands of words, and the picture below has a lot to say. I’ll say some words as well, since I have kept them bottled up for years in an effort to make sure we operate with discipline as opposed to gold bug style emotion.
The bear market and subsequent inflation-fueled credit bubble early last decade was when I first started paying close attention to macro markets (as opposed to stock trading, which I had done for a few years prior) and how they operate. Having seen well paid professionals lose half of my IRA in 2002, I took over all of our finances and never looked back. But I needed to understand how markets worked and that has been a challenging and rewarding endeavor, not to mention an ongoing learning experience.
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Does A-Mark Precious Metals Inc (NASDAQ:AMRK) Look Bad? B. Riley Downgrades It – WallStreet.org

Does A-Mark Precious Metals Inc (NASDAQ:AMRK) Look Bad? B. Riley Downgrades It
The Firm also distributes gold and silver coins and bars from sovereign and private mints; provides financing for the purchase of bullion and numismatics; offers secure storage for bullion, and offers complementary products, such as consignment

and more »

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COT-Specs Increase Euro Longs Most Since June 2015

The net long position for large speculators (trend followers) in euro futures increased the most since June 2015. Large increases in the speculative net long position often gives way to a period of congestion (sideways trade) before strength resumes.

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Stock Market Panic Decline Begins…

Good Morning!

SPX has plunged below 1860.00 this morning, challenging the Broadening trendline. Due to its position, the Broadening Flag appears to be a consolidation that allows the index to continue its former trend. I am not yet labeling the decline because the declining pattern may take several paths. Thus far, the pattern suggests that it may not stay at the trendline very long. Its next target appears to be at or below the Head & Shoulders neckline.
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