Weekly Trading Forecast: Will We See More of Last Week’s Exceptional FX and Commodity Volatility?

The Dollar suffered one of its most abrupt swoons in years until NFPs stabilized the currency. Oil and gold meanwhile generated remarkable volatility and tentative stabs at trends. Will we see more of these active markets this week?

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UK Interest Rates, Economy GDP Forecasts 2016 and 2017

Six months ago Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney in ‘forward guidance’ at the time gave his intentions to start to raise UK interest rates early 2016, that in the run up to the Fed December rate hike had galvanised many to expect a similar trailing response from the Bank of England to gradually follow the Fed towards normalisation of UK interest rates towards a target of 2.5% over 3 years i.e. by Mid 2018.
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A-Mark Precious Metals Inc (AMRK) Increases Dividend to $0.07 Per Share – Financial Market News

A-Mark Precious Metals Inc (AMRK) Increases Dividend to $0.07 Per Share
Financial Market News
The Company also distributes gold and silver coins and bars from sovereign and private mints; provides financing for the purchase of bullion and numismatics; offers secure storage for bullion, and offers complementary products, such as consignment, …

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EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Key Resistance in the Crosshairs

The Euro continued to push sharply higher against the US Dollar, delivering the single currency its largest two-day advance since early December.

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Pity the USD longs!

An opinion by ZeroHedge on this morning’s payroll report caught my attention. They opine, “The most obvious reaction to the "great" drop in the unemployment rate and "huge miss" in payrolls is a rise (yes rise) in rate-hike odds for 2016. This appears to be why the Dollar is spiking and bonds, stocks, crude, gold and everything else is being sold…”
Unfortunately the USD retracement is losing momentum at 97.24, just above mid-Cycle support/resistance at 96.99.
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The Gold Demonetization Hoax

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Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar Specifications

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USD/JPY Outlook Clouded With Bearish Pattern Ahead of Fed Testimony

USD/JPY stands at risk for a further decline ahead of the Fed testimony on tap next week as the pair continues to carve a bearish pattern.
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Asa Gold and Precious Metals Limited (NYSE:ASA) Shorted Shares Increased By 22.75% – fdanewsalert.com

The Market Oracle
Asa Gold and Precious Metals Limited (NYSE:ASA) Shorted Shares Increased By 22.75%
… representing interests in gold, silver, platinum or other precious minerals, such as certificates of deposit, and in securities of investment companies, including exchange traded funds, or other securities that seek to replicate the price movement
3 Precious Metal Mutual Funds to Buy as Gold ShinesZacks.com
Gold and Silver More 'Flight To Safety' Active FebruaryThe Market Oracle

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Gold Price, Mining Stocks Rocket Higher

Gold and its miners’ stocks are rocketing higher as speculators and investors alike return to this left-for-dead sector.  This sudden deluge of capital inflows has crowned gold stocks the best-performing sector of this young new year by far, shocking traders.  And this stunning reversal of fortunes in both the metal and the companies producing it is only starting, so it’s exceedingly important to understand what’s going on.
Gold was inarguably the world’s most-hated investment in recent years.  No one wanted anything to do with it, because no one felt any need for it.  The world’s stock markets were relentlessly levitating, thanks to record easing by the world’s elite central banks.  And with stocks seemingly destined to do nothing but rally indefinitely, there was little demand for counter-moving gold for prudent portfolio diversification.
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EUR/USD Bullish Interpretation is Valid While above 1.1050

This EUR/USD rally through the 55 week average is important because the widely watched average was precise resistance in August and October 2015. 1.1050 is critical to the integrity of the bullish interpretation.

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Illusory Economic Recovery Supported by Hot Money

Is this economic recovery real? Well if you base your observations on how far the Dow has risen since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and on the B.S statistics the BLS puts out, the answer would be a yes. However, if you do just a little cursory digging, you will spot that this economic recovery is nothing but a grand illusion. The following factors clearly prove that this recovery is not real.
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‘In God We Trust’ lawsuit focus of week’s top story | Coin World – Coin World

'In God We Trust' lawsuit focus of week's top story | Coin World
Coin World
It's time to catch up on the week that was in numismatic insights and news. Coin World is looking back at its five most-read stories of the week. Click the links to read the stories. Here they are, in reverse order: 5. What's going on with the U.S

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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Trend-Defining Barrier Ahead

The Australian Dollar continues to press upward against its US namesake, with prices rising to the highest level in a month.

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Gold And Silver Best Performing Assets – Up 9% and 8% YTD

Gold is 3.6% higher this week and is now over 9% higher year to date. The dollar saw sharp falls this week on growing doubts that the Federal Reserve will be able to raise interest rates. The gains this week were due to increasing concerns about the U.S. and global economy.
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