Largest Long Position for Gold Trend Followers Since November 2012

Trend followers (large speculators) continue to buy and the net long position for the group is the largest since November 2012. The next substantial advance in gold probably can’t take place with the present ownership profile. View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all

COT-Largest Net Long Position for JPY Specs Since January 2012

The large speculative group (trend followers) holds their largest net long JPY (short USD/JPY equivalent) position since January 2012. Positioning (and therefore price) may have gone ‘too far, too fast’. View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all

China Foreign Reserves Fall to Lowest Since May 2012

The People’s Bank of China reported that foreign reserves fell to their lowest mark since May 2012, highlighting the government’s effort to offset capital flight and slow the Yuan’s depreciation View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: A Boring Bull Market Like 2012 SPX500

The FXCM USDollar hit the highest levels since December 2003 as no alternative arise as the macro picture deteriorates. View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all