More on the ‘Breadth Thrust’ and Stock Market Internals

NFTRH 404 deviated from the usual format of widespread, in-depth coverage of US and global markets, precious metals and commodities in order to focus on two main themes.  One was a view of building short-term risks in the gold market [possibly pending new rally highs] and the other of a developing bullish phase in the […]

More Deflation Ahead: Silver, Gold And Their Mining Stocks A Must-Have

Are you ready for the next leg of deflation? Where the real pain will be felt (mainly) because the collapse of commodities and oil, in particular, will be accompanied by the collapse of the US stock market. Due to the size of the cycles involved, it is very difficult for most to comprehend the continued […]

Fools Errand: NATO Pledges Four More Years of War in Afghanistan

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“Italian Gov’t Collapse More Than Just a Possibility”

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Following Brexit, Central Bank Desperation Never More Evident?

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UK Interest Rate Cut to 0.25% Imminent and More QE Money Printing

The establishments operation fear had painted a relentless propaganda picture all year for a significant rise in UK interest rates following a Brexit outcome that was destined to send consumer borrowing rates soaring, which at the time I repeatedly warned was just NOT going to happen for the fundamental reason that BrExit induced uncertainty would […]

Precious-Metal Miners Soar Once More Following Brexit – Motley Fool

Motley Fool Precious–Metal Miners Soar Once More Following BrexitMotley FoolWhat: Shares of precious–metal miners Fortuna Silver Mines (NYSE:FSM), Great Panther Silver (NYSEMKT:GPL), and Gold Fields (NYSE:GFI) have soared by as much as 13%, 10%, and 11%, respectively, after the underlying metals they produce headed …Silver Stocks Best Investment YTD. Can They Continue To Outperform?Seeking Alphaall 10 […]

Domino Effect: Brexit Will Trigger More Referendums and “The EU Will Crumble to Pieces”

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Brexit Referendum Could Present Far More Risk than Reward

Residents in the UK are casting their votes in the widely-awaited Brexit referendum, but traders need to be extra careful of getting hit with gap risk in a low-liquidity environment. View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all

Gold price suppression gets more desperate, Embry tells KWN

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Believe it or Not: More Kids Live At Home Now than Since The Great Depression

We all know the situation in the markets is dire. Like, really, everyone knows. There’s an old phrase from Margaret Thatcher’s day (and mine, I suppose) that has recently come back into use: There is no alternative. There’s even an acronym: TINA. View full post on The Market Oracle

Stock Investors Get Higher Returns and More Dividend Income – In Less Time With Less Risk

Investing in blue-chip dividend growth stocks such as the Dividend Aristocrats or Champions has become very popular with retirees.  This is understandable considering the low interest rate environment we find ourselves in.  Traditional fixed income investments do not currently offer enough yield for the retired investor to live on.  Consequently, current low interest rates, coupled […]

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: Now 12,000 Becomes Even More Important.

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Gold Company To Withhold Sales: “Storing It And Holding For The Long-term… It Makes More Sense At These Prices”

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Some of Your Pocket Change Might Be Worth More…

Learn which of valuable coins in your pocket are worth a large premium over face value and why. View full post on Coins: What’s Hot Now